Tonopah Lithium Project, Naveda, USA

TLP is in the Clayton Valley, in West Central Nevada, in the United States of America.

TLP consist of 439 placer claims over an area of 8,674 acres.

Land Management

439 placer claims in Southern part of TLP will be renewed.

LCME’s own evaluation of geologic potential and an independent opinion from SRK lead to a decision by LCME to relinquish the northern part of TLP and the whole of the Teels project. A total of 1,587 claims are subject to a relinquishment process which commenced in August 2017.

TLP placer claims

Source: Mineral Exploration Services, Ltd Source: Mineral Exploration Services, Ltd


SRK completed a technical review of the Nevada projects and provided positive validation of the lithium brine resource potential in the southern part of TLP (“South TLP”).

SRK has recommended progressing with the early-stage exploration of South TLP.

Gravity infill data survey was acquired over South TLP in August 2017. The newly acquired infill gravity data was merged with the existing gravity data and remodeled in August 2017.

The remodeled gravity data has been used to precisely locate 4 lines of magnetotelluric resistivity survey covering a total of 25 line-km.

Image of Basin Depth based on Gravity Data 3D Inversion Modelling

Source: Ellis Geophysical Consulting Inc.