Botswana Lithium Project, Botswana (“BLP”)

The BLP exploration assets could underpin a very large lithium brine operation in one of the largest salt pans globally.

BLP consists of 6 Prospecting Licenses and 2 Prospecting License Applications in the Makgadikgadi Pans in north eastern Botswana.

Land Management

The Department of Mines in Botswana (the “Department”) have cancelled portions of Prospecting Licenses 267/2016 and 268/2016 due to what the Department have advised is the Department’s mistake in issuing the same ground for the same mineral commodity to another company.

This cancellation only affects 2 of the 6 Prospecting Licenses.


SRK completed a technical review and recommended an initial ‘top of brine’ sampling program, which is pending.

The results from the sampling program will be used to define areas of interest for initial drilling and deeper sampling.

BLP Prospecting Licenses

Source: SRK