Nevada Projects (USA)

LCME holds two large lithium brine exploration projects in Nevada, in the United States of America. The two key project areas are the Tonopah Lithium Project (TLP), located in south Big Smokey Valley, and the Teels Project (Teels), located in the Teels Marsh Valley.TLP covers a total area of 24,780 acres (101 km2) and the southern boundary is within 2 miles (3.2 km) of Albemarle’s Silver Peak lithium mine (Silver Peak Mine).

Yilgarn Projects (Western Australia)

LCME’s 100%-owned Australian hard rock tenement portfolio has the potential for hard-rock lithium deposits, analogous to the giant Greenbushes deposit.10 Exploration Licence Application areas, covering 444km².Concealed targets with no previous lithium exploration.Associated pegmatite “fertile” granites and large regional structural zones.Highly favourable geophysical signatures...

Eucla Basin Projects (South Australia)

Large exposed salt lakes with additional concealed potential for lithium bearing brine.

Botswana (Lithium Brine Project)

6 prospecting licences and 2 exploration license applications over a total area of 5680 km2 in the Makgadikgadi Pans in north eastern Botswana. The Makgadikgadi Pan system is one of Africa’s largest internal evaporative basins, coving over 16,000km2. The main drainage into Makgadikgadi pan system sheds from metamorphic geology with...